Wolfhound Century - Peter Higgins
In the wake of terrorist bombings in the capital city of Mirgorod, Inspector Vissarion Lom is sent from his small-city post to investigate. In Mirgorod, Lom finds his investigation leading to a conspiracy that may include his own bosses in the upper echelon of the secret police. However, Lom is soon caught up in an even greater mystery, one that surrounds the mysterious stone “angels” that fell out of the sky, one of which may be alive.

Wolfhound Century has great world building and a really refreshing setting; Lom’s home country is obviously Soviet-Russian inspired, yet clearly set in a fantasy world distinct from our own. There’s lots of good stuff here, and the main mystery goes beyond political machinations to possibly the nature of this world itself. The main plot ties together with the stone angels, whose very bodies have been exploited for their strange properties, and a mysterious object that may contain an alternate universe.

The biggest problem with the novel is that the whole thing feels like just the set up for a larger story, with very little actually resolved at the end. It’s clear who the enemies are and what the characters need to accomplish, but little progress is actually made toward their goals. However, it’s because the world and its mysterious are so intriguing that the lack of ending feels like such a letdown. A definite sequel is planned for next spring, and hopefully it provides the closure to make this story truly worth reading.

A review copy was provided through the Librarything Early Reviewers program.