MaddAddam - Margaret Atwood
The final book in the “MaddAddam” trilogy merges Oryx and Crake with the Year of the Flood in both style and storyline. Here Toby, Amanda, and Ren have joined a colony of the surviving God’s Gardeners, bringing with them an unconscious Jimmy and his Craker followers. The present sections largely follow the point of view of Toby, who must now take up Jimmy’s position as official storyteller and preacher to the Crakers.

The sermons and present day sections are interspersed with the story of Zeb, Toby’s lover and God’s Gardeners strongman. Zeb’s story connects nearly every plot thread and character, and explains the origin of God’s Gardeners, the plague “flood”, and even how the group knew to prepare for this coming catastrophe. There’s also a few new things added to Atwood’s world of unchecked corporations, including a bizarre church that tries to use Christianity to justify fossil fuel consumption.

This was definitely a satisfying conclusion, wrapping both books together and closing all loose ends of the story, although there’s definitely room for future installments. There’s also an amusing new character, a curious little Cracker boy named Blackbeard, who latches onto a somewhat exasperated Toby. Maddaddam is a good book and a better read than Year of the Flood, even strengthening the previous installment.

A review copy was provided by the publisher.