Fallen - Lauren Kate
Following a mysterious fire, Lucinda “Luce” Price finds herself a new student at a Sword and Cross, a reform school in the Georgia swamps. Upon her arrival, Luce finds herself inexplicably drawn to the mysterious Daniel Grigori. Who is Daniel, and why does he seem so familiar? And what are the mysterious shadows that seem to plague Luce wherever she goes?

Lauren Kate’s Fallen is a young-adult supernatural romance is the vein of the popular Twilight series. While the supernatural elements and the mysteries surrounding Luce are intriguing, the novel chooses to focus largely on the romance aspects of the story. Unfortunately, the romantic focus leads to a few issues that limit the enjoyment of the story.

One issue is with the protagonist, Luce. While the mystery of the shadows is intriguing, Luce is largely an uninteresting character, spending the entire novel either moping or pining over Daniel. The main character’s preoccupation with Daniel leads to his mention on nearly every page regardless of his presence, which this reader found annoyingly repetitive.

It is also difficult to care about the main romantic couple. Luce and Daniel barely interact for most of the novel. In many of these cases, only a few sentences are said or Daniel ends up snubbing Luce. This leads to the central romance feeling mostly one-sided.

The main plot elements are addressed largely in the last few chapters, and the ending of the novel feels very rushed. The brief answers to the central questions of the novel, combined with a lackluster romance, make Fallen and ultimately unsatisfying experience.

A review copy was provided by the publisher.