The Burning - Jane Casey
A serial killer is loose in London, abducting young women and setting their corpses on fire. DC Maeve Kerrigan and her colleagues have been on the trail of the “Burning Man,” but their efforts have so far proven fruitless. A fifth victim has just been found; however, the crime scene doesn’t exactly fit with the other victims, leading Maeve to investigate a possible second killer.

The Burning opens with a young woman leaving a nightclub; when she is picked up by a strange man it is almost certain that she is the next victim. However, the young woman surprisingly ends up stabbing her abductor instead, and it soon becomes apparent that this man is not the actual serial killer. What begins as a stereotypical opening serves instead as an introduction to the protagonist, Maeve, as her hopes of having caught her killer are quickly dashed with the discovery of a fifth victim.

The focus of the novel is not on the main burning man case, but on Maeve’s investigation into the newest victim, Rebecca Haworth. Maeve is the narrator for most of the story, is a very likeable, well developed protagonist. At the end of each chapter, the POV switches to that of Louise, Rebecca’s best friend. These asides are the ones major flaw of the novel, and are largely skippable until the last couple of chapters.

The Burningis a very enjoyable crime novel with realistic characters, and I look forward to Jane Casey’s next offering.

A review copy was provided through the Librarything Early Reviewers program.