Across the Universe - Beth Revis
Amy is a frozen passenger on Godspeed, a spaceship bound leaving Earth for a new planet. She expects to awake 300 years in the future on a new world; however, instead Amy nearly dies when her freezing chamber is unplugged early. As Amy adjusts to her new life aboard the ship, she suspects her unfreezing was no accident, and that her parents, who were frozen with her, may be in danger.

The cover of Across the Universe is a bit misleading, suggesting yet another teen romance novel. However, the focus is more on how Amy copes with her new, strange environment, and the mysteries surrounding life on Godspeed. Amy finds herself consigned to a psychiatric ward in the ship's hospital, yet the mental patients seem normal compared to the other inhabitants of the ship. The people on board blindly follow the will of Eldest, a dictatorial leader. When another frozen passenger dies after being unplugged, Amy suspects Eldest.

Amy's perspective alternates each chapter with that of Elder, Eldest's protege and the next in line to lead to the ship. Elder has discovered that Eldest is hiding things from him, but he is not sure what. He is enamored with Amy, who seems exotic compared to the blended population of Godspeed. As Elder spends more time with Amy, he becomes even more determined to discover the truth about the ship.

The world of Godspeed is fully realized, and it is easy to picture the massive structure filled with fields and livestock. Although scientific advances would be expected to take place in the time span of 250 years, there is some bad biology, one of the more egregious mentioning "cell walls" in humans. However, nothing is so significant as to affect the plot or the enjoyment of the story.

Across the Universe is a great science-fiction mystery, with a fully realized world and well-developed characters. An excellent read.

A review copy was provided through the Librarything Early Reviewers program.