A Red Herring Without Mustard - Alan Bradley
After accidentally setting a fortune teller’s tent on fire at the church carnival, Flavia de Luce offers her a place to stay on the vast estate of Buckshaw. The next day, Flavia finds the fortune teller attacked and nearly killed. Meanwhile, Flavia spots local ne’er do well Brookie Harewood sneaking around Buckshaw; the next day, Brookie is found hanging from a statue of Poseidon. Much to the consternation of the local police, Flavia is once again on the case!

This was another great installment in this fun mystery series, and is an improvement over the last book in the series, which got off to a much slower start. There’s a bunch of interesting plot threads here, including a strange religious sect, an old kidnapping, and an antiques forgery ring. Everything ties together neatly, although it does seem that Flavia stumbles upon the final answer rather accidentally.

Annoyingly, Random House has been inconsistent with the book design for this series, switching back to a printed case design from a dust jacket. The design seems to have settled though, and the spines do match at least.