Monsters of Men: Chaos Walking: Book Three - Patrick Ness
Monsters of Men, like The Ask and the Answer, picks up right where the previous book left off. The third book is very much a war story, with the divided settlers now facing a massive army of the native “Spackle.” Todd and Viola remain separated between Mayor Prentiss’ army and Mistress Coyle’s Answer, with Viola now joined by two of her fellow settlers from another scout ship.

A third narrator is added in “The Return,” the lone Spackle survivor of the Mayor’s massacre. The Spackle are joined by their noise into form of collective consciousness and consider themselves all part of a greater “Land.” The Return is still an outsider, and Ness does a great job of making him alien yet also a relatable character.

This final volume makes for another tense yet disturbing read. There’s pretty much nonstop action, including some disturbing scenes that are to be expected of a war story. A very satisfying conclusion to a very inventive series.