The Knife of Never Letting Go  - Patrick Ness
Todd Hewitt is the last boy in Prentisstown, a failed space colony on New World. A war with the native Spackle has wiped out most of the population, and caused the surviving men and animals to spew their inner thoughts in an incessant stream of “Noise.” When Todd comes across a spot of pure silence, something seemingly impossible, he is forced to flee Prentisstown. He then comes across something even more impossible-a girl.

Todd’s narration is very stream of consciousness, filled with phonetic spellings and slang that reflect his uneducated upbringing. The “Noise” aspect of the story is handled really well, with other characters even interrupting his internal narration. Todd’s dog, Manchee, even has his own noise, but his thoughts are appropriately limited and clipped; he’s a very fun and likeable character. Viola, the girl Todd meets, is also well developed despite being silent for the first part of the book.

A major plot point revolves around the true history of Prentisstown, and the lack of answers to any major questions was often frustrating; this is made more annoying by the fact that most of the characters know and allude to this information but don’t share it with Todd (and the reader.) Fortunately, there is a payoff at the end of the novel, as well as major cliffhanger that will definitely make you want the next book in the series. A great read overall.