Ranchero - Rick Gavin
Ex-cop and repo man Nick Reid thought he was on a simple collection for $20 owed on a rented TV. Instead, Percy Dwayne Dubois knocks Nick out with a shovel, and steal’s the 1969 Ranchero Nick borrowed from his landlady. Accompanied by his Sonic-loving friend Desmond, Nick sets out across the Mississippi Delta to retrieve the TV for his hotheaded boss, and to return the Ranchero as promised.

Of course, each new plan only makes things more complicated, and Nick and Desmond reluctantly end up with more and more colorful characters in their party. Nick is an enjoyable narrator and a likeable character, despite is violent actions as he takes the law into his own hands.

Ranchero is a fun quick read with a great sense of humor. The story is action packed, funny, and gives a very clear picture of the Delta and its people, although some characters do play into a lot of southern stereotypes. This is a different kind of crime novel that is definitely worth a look. Be forewarned, Desmond’s constant Sonic stops may give you a craving.

A review copy was provided through the Goodreads.com First Reads program.